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Ghostaresh Foulad Hamed

Ghostaresh Foulad Hamed

Ghostaresh Foulad Hamed, constructed in an area of 30,000 square meters in the Industrial Zone of Akhola is one of the companies affiliated with the Hamlkari Holding, enjoys the technical and scientific potential of local experts. It was established with the aim of producing pipes and boxes as well as production of various types of steel pipes. The production capacity of the factory currently stands at 6,000 tons per month, which is planned to increase to 20,000 tons, by lunching development phases in the near future. By reaching the nominal production, more than 240,000 tons of products will be produced annually, which is a unique number in its kind. The products of the industrial unit are considered as precise and small-sized products which require high accuracy and the use of modern machineries for their production.

High-quality production for export aims
Customer-ordered production potential
Enjoying the most modern equipment
Using high-grade raw materials

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